Whistle at me ( An insight look into Street Harassment)

“Damn man, why are you so sexy?”  This is something you have probably heard if you have been street harassed. Street harassment is unwanted comments and other actions by strangers in public areas. I feel like street harassment has been taken as a joke or a compliment in our communities. It is affecting huge amounts of people in our communities and nobody is really doing anything about it. Despite street harassment being sexual assault, it has somehow been accepted in our communities as normal.  


Based on studies it shows that most cases of street harassment occur to women.  According to Tara Culp, “65% of the women in the United States have experienced street harassment at some point in their lives, and 41% of those women experience physical aggressive forms of harassment.” This is incredible amount of women being either whistled at, followed, or even touched. I don’t understand why this is happening to some women, and not to other women?


Women are usually judged by what they were wearing when they got street harassed. According to Gothamist “ In some cases men say if she has a beautiful body why can’t I say anything.”  In some cases we are seeing that men think that it is their right to say something to you. It is nobody right to disrespect another person. I feel like this issue is big and I don’t understand why authorities are not doing more to stop it.


I wish authorities could do more when it comes to street harassment, but in some cases they can’t do anything about your situation. According to Stop Street Harassment “ You can report street harassment when it’s assault or battery.”  Basically the only way you can get the authorities involved in your case of street harassment is when they say something to you, or when they touch you without your consent. I feel like they should get in trouble, for every act of disrespect towards you like whistling which people don’t really take as harassment. I feel like they shouldn’t only report them, but set awareness in the harassers by speaking to them.


I feel like we need to talk to them to make them more aware because some of those harassers  don’t even know what they are doing. We need to learn to turn around, and say to them what you’re doing is considered street harassment, and it is not a game. We need to explain to them it’s not a joke, or a compliment, and it shouldn’t be taken as normally in this community. We need to start caring. I personally care about street harassment because it’s not only affecting me, but thousands of people around me. I feel like men and women should care because you never know when it’s going to happen to you. Next time you see street harassment happening I want you to ask yourselves how can I help?


Whistle at me ( An insight look into Street Harassment)

Cat Calling (Does what you wear give others the right to disrespect you)

Hey guys today I’m going to talk about cat calling and sexual harassment towards women. Cat calling is to make a whistle, shout, or give a comment of sexual nature to a woman passing by.  Cat calling has been going on for a very long time but now in days it has gotten to a point where it is unacceptable.

Now in days most people say you get cat called because of what you wear. People will say you get what you give. When I hear things like that it get’s me so mad because what you wear gives no one the right to touch you or disrespect you in anyway.

Speaking in my personal experience I am a person who has been cat called many times at school or on the street. In my opinion I don’t find my clothes inappropriate. Like I show skin but never too much skin like where I am showing my butt cheeks because it’s something that I don’t feel comfortable doing.

So anyway one day I got cat called in front of this girl and I got so mad. Then instead of that girl calming me down she said maybe you get cat called because of what you wear. First of all she had no right in saying that to me and second of all that girl wears clothes just like mine so why doesn’t she ever get cat called.

Another thing I see happening is now some boys think they have the right to touch because of what you wear. Like if a girl has these pants that shape up her body well no boy had the right to slap her ass. Like I’ve heard the lamest excuses ever from boys like “oh she was wearing shorts and her butt looked big so I slapped it.” Just because that girl has shorts on or a skirt on it does not give anyone the right to touch her.

As you can nobody has the right to touch because of what you wear. So this all for today guys. Please do the poll at the bottom. !!!!!!!!!!!!BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Cat Calling (Does what you wear give others the right to disrespect you)

Makeup is my type of art(Insights into cool makeup styles)

Hey guys today I will be talking about makeup. Trust me makeup is a very difficult topic because it’s either you know how to put on and make it look nice or you don’t know how to put it on and you look like Halloween threw up on you.

^^^^^^You do not want to be looking like that

I feel like makeup is all about using the right colors. Like for example if you are going to wear light clothes like a pale pink shirt and light jeans you should wear lighter colors but if you are going to wear darker colors like black you should use darker and bolder colors.

Lighter Makeup^^^^^^

Darker Makeup^^^^^^

Okay so today I will show you my five favorite makeup styles.

1. Allover Caramel

New Makeup Looks to Try in 2016 - Allover Caramel

I really love the Allover Caramel. By far it is my favorite makeup style. I feel like it makes almost anyone look great. It is bold but light at the same time. It looks really elegant for any occasion like a party.

2.Smokey Eye

Smoky eyes

The Smokey Eye is really pretty. It is very out there. Very dark and bold. I feel like the best occasion for the Smokey Eye is when you are really out of it when you are tired and you look a mess. You just do the Smokey Eye and you look alive and not dead like before.

3.Winged Eyeliner

Another makeup style I love is the wing. I think the wing is great for any day. It’s good for a party, it’s good for going to school, it’s even good for going to the gym. It’s really simple but elegant.

4.Cranberry Shadow

New Makeup Looks to Try in 2016 - Cranberry Shadow

I also like the Cranberry Shadow it’s great for going to school it’s also simple and makes your eyes pop out.

5. Nude lips and Dramatic Eyes

I like the nude lip and dramatic eyes because it is a very natural look that makes your eyes really pop out.

Well guys this is all for today. Hope you guys learned something knew. 



Makeup is my type of art(Insights into cool makeup styles)

Cute or Not(My opinions on today’s latest fashions)

Hey guys today I’m going to be talking about the latest fashions and how I feel about them. Hope you guys find this interesting.

Crop tops are one of the most used shirts by girls. They are super cute and great for warm temperatures but crops tops have some competition mid rise shirts. Mid rise shirts are cute but I’d prefer to wear crop tops.

The difference between a crop top shirt and a mid rise shirt is that with a mid rise you show slightly less skin than a crop top. But for me their honestly the same if I’m going to show skin why not show it with a crop top.

Which one would you pick:

Crop top


Mid rise shirts 


Okay so I talked about two fashion styles I found cute but now I’m going to talk about about a fashion style that I find not so cute.



Rompers and Overalls are a fashion style that I don’t find cute. It’s not because of the colors or designs on the rompers and overalls it’s because their not comfortable. 

My definition of cute clothes is totally different from other girls cute clothes to me is a piece of clothing that I look good in and feel comfortable in that’s what makes clothes cute to me.

The reason why their uncomfortable to me is because their hard to take off in an emergency. Like using the bathroom you have to take the whole thing off to use the bathroom. Whoever made rompers and overalls so uncomfortable is a  puking onion-eyed whey-face.

Ripped Jeans:

Knee-Ripped Jean:

Ripped Jeans and Knee-Ripped Jeans are both really awesome jeans. They are super comfortable and they look good with any t-shirt. If I had to pick between them I would pick Knee-Ripped just because I like feel like knee-ripped jeans look slightly better than ripped jeans.

Okay guys this is all for today. Comment below and tell me which fashion styles you prefer. BYE…….


Cute or Not(My opinions on today’s latest fashions)

Girls Vs Girls (How Girls Can Hurt Each Other)

Hi guys today I’m going to be talking about different ways girls hurt each others feelings. I feel that if someone says something negative about you and your facial features they in some way envy you. The Cycle Of Envy


   I believe that : ” People will talk about you when they envy you and the life you lead. Let them. You affected their life. Don’t let them affect yours.”  The #136 Rule Of A Lady

What I’m trying to say with my quote is that their are always going to be those people who try to bring you down but you have to learn to ignore them and you have to learn to not allow those people get to you. 

Okay so today I will be showing a few scenarios where girls show their envy for other girls:

I think one of the most common scenarios where envy is showed is when one girl calls another girl ugly. Imagine how much damage you just did to that girl by calling her ugly. One small word like that can make a girl insecure for the rest of her life. Even though this a very bad scenario sometimes I find this quite amusing because:


The one being called ugly looks         Then the one calling her ugly looks

like this ^^^^^^^^^^^                        like that ^^^^^^^^^

 I feel that we should all be kind to one another and not criticize others because of their appearance. And if someone calls you ugly ignore them because you know your poppin.

Another scenario where you see girls envy one another is when one girl calls the other girl fat. Being called fat is a horrible thing to say to one another because who are you to criticize someone’s body. Their is no perfect women and if their was it should not be based on how skinny or fat you are it should be based on who you are in the inside.  Sometimes I really find this scenario ironic when their are two girls who are really skinny and are calling one another fat.

Like where are you even close to fat ^^^^^^

Well that’s all for today I hope you guys got a positive message from my blog. Remember love yourself don’t let anyone bring you down.


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Girls Vs Girls (How Girls Can Hurt Each Other)

Do you Believe (Ways we Stereotype)

Hi guys today I’m going to talk about a topic that is very controversial and interesting. The topic I choose was stereotypes. Stereotypes is an idea of a particular type of person or thing. We as people are very stereotypical even though sometimes we don’t even notice we are. I believe we are stereotypical because of are own society. Society has forced us to believe in what they believe is  good or bad what they believe is perfect and imperfect. So today I’m going to talk about stereotypes that I face.


We have lots of stereotypes on what the perfect woman should be. Society has given us to believe the perfect women has to be skinny, pretty, tall, she has to have a great body(a butt and boobs), and she has to have a good personality but why is that can’t a girl be chubby and pretty with a great personality does she have to be skinny to be pretty. To me the most important thing is to be beautiful in the inside.



I’m Hispanic my mom Puerto Rican and my dad Venezuelan I feel like a stereotype Hispanic people face is that when other people see us they consider all Hispanic people to be Mexican. I can be walking down the street but because I am Hispanic looking they quickly think I’m Mexican. Some people are so close minded they don’t realize that not only Mexican people talk Spanish they are lots of other countries that talk Spanish like Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Venezuela, Columbia, etc. I believe that people like Donald Trump influence others to be stereotypical.  For someone who running for president and says something like “My least favorite kind of a Mexican is a Puerto Rican” that should give us a reason to worry and try help fix our society by bringing new ideas.


In the picture above I showed nine of the biggest stereotypes in this world and I have to say it’s incredible that our generation jokes around with stereotypes like these. I believe we need to find more ways to try to encourage others not to discriminate. We need to speak up for what we believe in.


Above it shows how people think the average American sees the world. We need to find a way to change this. 


Okay so this all for today. Bye Guys!!!!!!!!!

Comment below and tell me a stereotype that you face.


Do you Believe (Ways we Stereotype)

Ale’s Kitchen(My Favorite Food Dishes)

Hey guys. Today I had so much trouble trying to find out a topic for my blog. I just couldn’t think of anything but I finally decided what I wanted to do. Okay so one of my greatest passions is cooking and baking. I love to cook and bake because since I was little that’s all I would see my parents do and trust me they can cook and bake. When I was little they let me help them in the kitchen and ever since then I couldn’t stop cooking. I find it so awesome how you can combine different flavors to make one dish.  So today in my blog I’m going to show you my top eight favorite food dishes and baked goods.

8) Nutella CrepesVanilla-Nutella-Crepes


A crepes is a very thin pancake with nutella inside of them. I tried a crepes for the first time in Montreal,Canada but they are originally from France.

7) Low Mein Noodles

Low Mein Noodles is a dish that originated from China. I love making them.

6)Strawberry Cheesecake

strawberry cheesecake

Strawberry cheesecake is so good and it originated from Chester,New York.

5) Tacos


Tacos are poppin. I think they taste super good with steak and guacamole. Tacos come from Mexico.

4) Arroz con leche( Rice Pudding)


My mom taught me how to make rice pudding when I was little. It’s basically rice mixed with coconut flakes,milk, and cinnamon. Rice pudding originated in Asia but now it is very big in other countries and islands like Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Honduras, and etc.

3) Arepa


An Arepa is like a corn patty that you usually put ham and cheese in it. Arepas originated in either Venezuela and Columbia. 

2) Pastellios de Guayaba 

pastellios de guayaba

Pastellios de Guayaba is a guava dessert that are so good they originated from Puerto Rico.

1)Arroz con Gandules(Puerto Rican Rice and Beans)


Rice and Beans I’ve have to say is my favorite dish it is a traditional Puerto Rican dish. My mom is Puerto Rican so at my house we eat this all the time. This dish is really special to me because it’s the first thing I learned to cook. 

Okay so that’s my time. I hope you liked my blog.








Ale’s Kitchen(My Favorite Food Dishes)